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A Fairytale…a Failed marriage… and a Fashion success…This is about Asma Hussain

By- Sasha Sauvir

We will talk about the lady from lucknow who solely turned the face of Lucknow Fashion Industry with her fabric and fashion inclination. She, with her convincing trait, modish personality and backbreaking hardwork alongwith the prints, regular research and ground level work…introduced the fashion sense in the city of nawabs back in 90s. And now is being recognized around the world for her royal and graceful work.

Meet the extraordinary talented Indian Fashion Designer Asma Hussain in a candid interview, where she poured her heart out about some untouched facts of her personal life.

Behind the scenes
The rich look and an elegant personality with bundle of success stories at her sleeves; this is all we know about her. But there is a lot more backstage. It’s a hidden sorrow of her life that she extracted in the interview. Pain for sure depressed her, but made her even stronger and harder. She at the same time thanks her life for such ups and downs, and finally a beautiful j…

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